Blind Hatred for Anything Bush

My interview with Megan McCardle reminded me that, while Dan Rather was brought down by bloggers, as Megan said, it was additionally his own arrogance and his own obsession with George W. Bush that cost him.

Blind hatred for George Bush made the education establishment line up against No Child Left Behind, when Clinton’s Goals 2000 was far more onerous and far less effective.

Blind hatred for George Bush caused such a warped sense of priority, it made the angry, far-out-there liberal sites insist waterboarding is some huge evil, when we have police forces tasering little old ladies for compliance.

Blind hatred for George Bush from the liberal media gives comfort to our enemies and cover for our cowardly allies, even now that we have a different president.

And fear of things George Bush cost Republicans dearly in the elections of 2006 and 2008. The Party should have stood by him.

We loved Bush right after 9/11. But as we, as a nation, forgot the dangers after that fateful year, George W. didn’t forget. And we owe him BIG for that. Most Republicans didn’t rally around him and defend him just because it looked like the war was going badly in 2006. That, as I say,  cost the Party dearly.