Megan McCardle's Lesson for Bloggers

I attended a Vermont Tiger conference the other day and met two people that taught me a lot about blogging.  One was a Red Stater.  The other was The Atlantic’s Megan McCardle, the economic superblogger who is not afraid take on Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman and kick his butt all over the place.

Picture Adam Smith, but prettier, as a blogger, and you have Megan McCardle.   And like Megan, he never won a Nobel Prize either.

So, naturally, I snagged an interview.  A version is on Vermont Tiger.  And a version of it is on my blog

So what did I learn?  Well, for one thing, I thought her statement that day on her blog about quaking to take on a Nobel Prize winner was sarcasm.  But the more I read her words in the interview, the more I realized it was sincere.  She’s sincerely humble.  But on the Internet, one cannot see the facial expressions or hear the tone.  So, I was wrong.   And I really learned from Megan’s words in the interview about being humble.