Is O'Reilly Man Enough?

Bill O’Reilly likes to aim his scorn and derision at Vermont.  But not all of us are liberals here.  We conservatives are surrounded by loony leftists, as West Berlin was during the Cold War.  We need him to come.  We are besieged, and we need his help.  Is Vermont just a prop for him?  Or does he really care about us the way Kennedy cared about Berlin?

So I have posted this invitation on Big Bag of Wind:

General Eisenhower, arguably the greatest warrior of his day, declared later as president that he would go to Korea. That meant a lot.

John F. Kennedy, arguably the greatest cold warrior of his day, went to Berlin. The crowds went wild.

Bill O’Reilly, arguably the greatest cultural warrior of our day, needs to come to Vermont. Not staff it out to Jesse Watters to stick a microphone in someone’s face. Ike and JFK didn’t staff it out. They didn’t phone it in. It would have just not been…manly.

Come to Vermont, Mr. O’Reilly. Bring your no-spin zone into the Wooden Soldier Restaurant in Fair Haven, Vermont. We don’t spin there either. Just as the Boys didn’t in the Catamount Tavern in the 1700s.