What Rifle Won the West?

What was the rifle that won the West?

If you said Winchester, you were WRONG! It was the Sharps.  After the Civil War, Sharps rifles were widely used by frontiersmen. But the post-war Sharps was primarily marketed to the buffalo hunter. When the buffalo disappeared, so did the big, bulky Sharps. Winchester would step in and accommodate settlers of the West with repeating rifles of superior design. The 1886 model fit the needs of big game hunters. And other models would soon follow to fill other markets.

The West didn’t end with the demise of the Sharps. Nor will our civilization today crumble with the passing of General Motors. What’s good for GM is not integral to America. We need an auto industry, but not necessarily our auto industry in its current form.

And the UAW? It may pass too. The Knights of Labor did not survive the depression of 1873.

Let GM reorganize. Or let them founder. Either way, what will emerge will be a better company, more innovative, and more responsive to market needs.

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