Will Gillibrand Flip on NRA?

She had a safe seat in Congress. Now, she’s looking at a primary. Kirsten Gillibrand, New York Governor David Patterson’s choice to succeed Hillary Clinton in the Senate, is going to face intense pressure to renounce her support for the NRA.

Having a 100 percent NRA record is safer for an upstate New York congresswoman than for a senator representing the entire state. So will she flip her position on gun control?

Very dangerous. Very, very dangerous. Take the lesson of Peter Smith. Who? Peter Smith. He was the one that Bernie Sanders beat for the U.S. House in Vermont in 1990.

Smith, a Republican in a rural and then-Republican state, had been staunchly anti-gun control. Then he voted in 1989 for an early version of the assault rifle ban. The NRA and its affiliates, not normally known for supporting socialists, mobilized against Smith. It was devastating. Smith ended up moving out of Vermont.

You see, a traitor is worse than a natural enemy.

Yes, New York is different. But the NRA has a LOT of money that they can use to make a point about traitors. They don’t care what state. The new senator would be well-advised not to flip.

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