My Mea Culpa

I wrote something foolish yesterday.  And I got some feedback that reminded me of who Obama really is.  And who I am.  I’ve come to expect little of Democrats.  And just because he exceeds those low expectations at times doesn’t mean he’s a good Democrat.  There’s no such thing.  So I was inspired to write what I hope is a much better essay.  I published it moments ago on my blog.  I’ve reproduced it here:

Sure, Obama throws some bones to Republicans. But…

He reappointed Robert Gates to Defense. But he supports Hamas, wants to talk to Ahmedinejad, and has always stood for the unconditional withdrawl from Iraq.

He doesn’t seem to be for gay marriage. But he wants to keep the abortion clinics open for business, even for partial birth abortions.

He invited Rick Warren to give the invocation at the Inauguration. But Jeremiah Wright baptized his kids.

He talks of change. But he’s recycled the Clinton cronies and even Hillary herself.

He doesn’t want to go after Bush as a war criminal. But he wants to undo executive orders that have helped keep us safe.

He talks of charter schools and appointed Arne Duncan to Education. But he keeps pandering to the NEA and AFT.

He wants to reach out to the Red States. But in private, he talks about how we pathetic people cling to our religion and guns.

Wanting to have it both ways doesn’t make you a great statesman. It makes you untrustworthy.

It’s easy for me to expect very little of liberals. The bar is very low. I come from a state where the liberals are very liberal, and many of them are just plain freaks. If any of them in our legislature showed one hint of bi-partisanship, I’d faint.

Barack Obama’s different from the garden variety liberal in Vermont. But not much. And not on the fundamental issues.