I'm Sorry. I Don't Hate Obama.

I’m very conservative. I have grave concerns about the government bailouts. I think the economy needs to cleanse itself.  I believe there is, let’s call it, a culture struggle. And I think traditional America is losing it. To the detriment of our society and its institutions.

But I can’t bring myself to demonize Barack Obama, even though his voting record in the Senate makes me shudder.

As a conservative activist, I’ve plunged into the blogging world. Because that’s largely where the game is. Blogs have their benefits, and they have their role. But one thing they’ve done is further polarize our country. Tens of thousands of citizen journalists and underemployed professional journalists have joined the blogging world. And the competition for our attention is fierce. It’s not like the days of Macy’s and Gimbel’s. Or more to the point, Pulitzer and Hearst. Today’s journalists make the “yellow journalists” of old look like bumbling amateurs.

Everyone wants to make that post that everyone else is going to want to hyperlink. Bloggers need to stand out. Many of these online “journalists” are also activists, so they’re not above outrageous political stunts. And neither am I.

And then there are the millions of devoted commenters on the blog sites. These millions engage in rapid-fire discourse at two arm lengths away. And such discourse is often predictably uncivil. I do not try to encourage uncivil discourse. My new website, Big Bag of Wind, bills itself as a forum for “thoughtful blowhards.”


As a blogger, I have found no shortage of people to demonize.  There’s always Hillary, Harry, Howard, and other of their ilk.

But I can’t work up a rage about Barack Obama. I can’t do it. I can’t even muster up that cutting a comment, not one that I’d be satisfied to print. He’s a great role model for American-Americans. He’s invited Rick Warren to give the invocation at the Inauguration. He’s smarter than heck. Darn. But not darn, because I really am, as an American, rooting for his success.

There’s always Howard. I hope he lands a new job soon!