Race-baiting Florida Trial Lawyers Play Dirty Tricks on Republican Primary

This latest left-wing, racist ploy comes to us courtesy of the Florida Justice Association. which is the trial lawyers association in the Sunshine State. Unsurprisingly, the FJA overwhelmingly supported the candidacy of Barrack Obama and supports liberal positions generally.

According to the St. Petersburg Times, the FJA has admitted, via a mea culpa from its leader Scott Carruthers, that the group is responsible for improperly interfering with the Republican primary for the 8th Senate District in Florida.

“Morally and politically, it was indefensible,” said Scott Carruthers, executive director of the Florida Justice Association, the trial bar group, who said its leaders had no knowledge of it. “I accept full responsibility for not having done everything to stop that piece from going out.”

“That piece” would be a flyer mailed-out to district residents about the primary. The flyer purports to be from a bogus right-wing group called the Conservative Voters’ Coalition, which was registered as a 527 organization for this dirty trick and to operate as a front group for the trial lawyers organization.

The flyer itself is a controversial piece of patently obvious, race-baiting excrement that is so over the top, it rivals the ACORN pimp exposure. The difference between the two is that the latter was a journalistic investigation, while the former was conducted by lawyers sworn to uphold the law and designed to interfere with the voting rights of American citizens. According to the St. Petersburg Times, a second 527 group, Conservative Citizens for Justice, which is aligned with the trial lawyers paid for the mailing.

Here’s the flyer:
Fl Dirty Trick 1
Fl Dirty Trick 2

This scheme was reportedly organized by a trial lawyer named David Ramba and Leon County Democrat, Erin Di Cesare, who is also an FSU professor. The Florida Democrat Party has condemned the flyer. James A. Greer, Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida has also condemned the flyer and published a letter to Cesare regarding the apparently illegal use of Republican party symbols on this political flyer.

In addition to putting out execrable political material designed to appear to be from Republicans, there are various issues that need to be examined.

Florida law may have been violated, as referenced in Greer’s letter. There may have also been improper transfers of money between the two fake conservative 527 groups, which has been reported as being around $69 thousand to pay for the mailing. Additionally, the flyer directs concerned voters to return an attached postcard to the Conservative Voters’ Coalition in order to request an absentee ballot. This may have resulted in people who actually needed a real absentee ballot being tricked into losing their right to vote via this fake process. Moreover, returned postcards provide this left wing dirty trick operation with the names and addresses of conservative voters, which may have been placed into some sort of database for unknown purposes. Finally, the involvement of officers of the court, lawyers, in these legally questionable activities is highly disturbing.

An investigation must be conducted to determine if Mr. Ramba, or other lawyers broke laws…disbarment should be also considered. Likewise, Florida State University should reconsider the employment of the ethically challenged Ms. Cesare.

Hanging chads anyone?

Greetings from occupied territory!