Latest Blood Libel: Conservatives Want Obama Dead

We are now moving beyond the playing of the race card in the rhetorical war being waged upon Americans by the leftist intelligentsia. The latest entry comes from Tolu Olorunda who asks:

Do conservative, hard-right demagogues, whose hatred for President Obama has hardly ever been subdued, secretly hope for–and are hard at work toward–the assassination of the nation’s first Black president.

In an article — Do some conservatives secretly wish for the assassination of Barack Obama? — on the Daily Voice, Olorunda repeats much of the recent slander against ordinary Americans that has become commonplace from the left over the last few weeks:

A couple of days ago, violence broke out at a Tampa, Florida, health care summit at which U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor was speaking. Mob groups, contracted by right-wing organizations, loudly interrupted the Congresswoman as she spoke, causing a scene so volatile that it soon turned violent.

As further investigation was launched into the events leading up to the Philadelphia scuffle, the truth soon surfaced–the truth that many conservative culture warriors still deny up to this very moment. It was revealed that many questionable right-wing lobbying firms, political organizations, and even health insurance agencies, had contracted mob groups, shuffling them from city to city, to disrupt any sense of decorum at the town hall meetings, commanding them to “stand up and shout,” “rock-the-boat,” “get all your hands up,” and “rattle” the lawmakers

As posters adorned with swastikas and pictures of Obama with Hitler-esque mustaches are being paraded at town hall meetings, it’s clear Beck and Limbaugh’s wildest wishes are finally seeing the light of day.

While Olorunda’s rhetorical and reckless rants are obviously pushing the envelope, they are also the next incremental step in the false history being wallpapered across the American psyche by these leftist lemmings who are blindly trying to take the entire country over the cliff.

The same hysterical bleating about conservatives is being levied by Matthew Rothschild at the Progressive.com — Obama in Physical Danger from Crazy Rightwingers. Rothschild writes:

When the rightwing nuts start carrying signs with Obama as Hitler and the Antichrist, when they start bringing loaded guns to his events, when they start saying things like “Euthanize Obama,” the climate is getting just too ugly.

Fueling the threats is a resurgent rightwing movement.

With Fox News and other rightwing outlets ginning up the Obamaphobia, it is too dangerous for the President of the United States to go out in public in our own country right now.

Rothschild also cites “evidence” by the Southern Poverty Law Center that was released this month in a report, The Second Wave, authored by radical leftist Mark Potok.

This report and other recent commentary from the SPLC has been picked-up by mainstream media outlets that are more than happy to spin the yarn. From USA Today:

The anti-government militia movement is “surging” across the country, fueled by a changing demographic in the country, the spread of conspiracy theories in mainstream media outlets and fear of a black man in the White House, according to a new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

And this from Eileen Sullivan at the Associated Press:

Last year, officials warned about an increase in activity from militias in a five-year threat projection by the Homeland Security Department.

“White supremacists and militias are more violent and thus more likely to conduct mass-casualty attacks on the scale of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing,” the threat projection said.

One can assume by this drumbeat of rhetoric and dire warnings, coupled with official pronouncements (like the now-discredited DHS report on domestic terror threats), and the scandalous comments recently by elected officials such as Nancy Pelosi, that the left will attempt to turn the eye of government inward at these mythical threats from conservatives.

Much like in the 1990’s when the Clinton administration treated so called “right wing terror” as Job #1, while radical jihadists were killing and plotting, it seems that the now terminated War on Terror may be misdirected at Americans instead.

Greetings from occupied territory!