Charlie Rangel Threatens Andy Cuomo With the Race Card

Good time Charlie has decided to weigh in on the upcoming NY State Governor’s race.  In discussing the possibility of Andrew Cuomo running against David Patterson, who is rapidly dropping towards single digit approval ratings in the polls with his completely incompetent management of the state government, Rangel deals the race card.

Should Cuomo run, Rangel said, it would create a divide that could be “devastating” to New York Democrats.

“I think that there might be an inclination for racial polarization in a primary in the state of New York,” Rangel said.

“Since we have most African-Americans registered as Democrats, and since you would be making an appeal for Democrats, it would be devastating in my opinion.”

I guess Charlie didn’t see the need to threaten trouble from blind Democrats in support of the blind Governor, since the presumption is that blacks will blindly vote for the black candidate against any white candidate.

Source article at NY Daily News

At least he didn’t threaten all-out race war like some of Fauxbama’s supporters.


Greetings from occupied territory!

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