Justice Department Muzzles San Francisco PD on Bill Ayers / Bernadine Dohrn Cop Killing Investigation

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Justice Department has directed the San Francisco Police Officer’s Association (SFPOA) to stop talking about the murder of SFPD Sgt. Brian McDonnell by an act of domestic terrorism during a Weather Underground bombing of a police station on February 18, 1970.

Specifically, the SFPOA signed a letter to support efforts to re-investigate allegations that both Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn were directly involved in the Park Station terrorist attack.

San Francisco Chronicle – Police Officers told to zip lips on bombing

More on this from James Simpson at American Thinker

Is the Justice Department actually investigating this case now? Or is Eric Holder trying to muzzle criticism of Bill Ayers? This would be the same Eric Holder involved in Clinton pardons of Weather Underground terrorists Susan Rosenberg and Linda Evans.

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