In Ferguson, the Big Lie

Old English Proverb: “A lie will go round the world while truth is pulling its boots on.”

In Ferguson, Missouri, “a police officer shot an unarmed Black teenager six times.” This was all that was known within one hour of the shooting. Several videos made it to YouTube and were broadcast worldwide of upset eyewitnesses to the shooting saying that they saw Ferguson Officer Wilson get out of his Police SUV and chase Michael Brown, shooting him in the back, for no reason.

One such eyewitness said she saw Officer Wilson shoot Michael Brown four times, then stand over him and shoot him four more times while he was on the ground. The convenience store robbery accomplice, Dorian Johnson, also said that the cop harassed them both and actually grabbed Michael Wilson’s arm and pulled it into the car through the window. When the officer’s gun discharged, they both took off. Dorian said he hid behind the first car he could find and then saw Officer Wilson shoot his friend in the back, then shoot him again seven more times when he had his hands up.

Another videographer at the scene was heard on tape “they said he had his hands up” and  “they said he was running away” and “they said the cop shot him in the back for no reason.” All these inflammatory statements were made within one hour of the shooting, causing some politicians to seek the nearest t.v. camera and demand justice for the execution style murder of the innocent Black teenager. Even the inept Missouri Governor, Jay Nixon, made a statement before all the facts came out, that “the officer should be vigorously prosecuted.”

These statements were made before all the facts were known. Most of the facts are in and many directly contradict the on camera statements of the so-called “eyewitnesses” to the shooting. The most important of the exculpatory evidence was the autopsy review made by the world renowned pathologist hired by the lawyers for the Michael Brown family. The Brown’s son was not shot in the back. Not a single bullet wound.

The case against Officer Wilson began to deteriorate, first with the news that the “Gentle Giant” had just committed a strong arm robbery at a convenience store just minutes before the altercation. Later, we are told that Dorian Johnson, the accomplice to the robbery, had an outstanding warrant, and had been charged in the past with lying to police.

As the case against the Police officer begins to fall apart in the court of public opinion, the media appears to change it’s tone. The media appears to realize that the original racist rogue cop supposition is not supported by the facts, so it switches field faster than a Barry Sanders or Walter Peyton. It’s no longer about Officer Wilson, it’s about the anti-Black hatred and institutional racism of the Ferguson Police Department.

Which leads me to this utterly disgusting article by Daily Beast nit-wit, Candace McCoy. Read it if you wish here: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/08/23/prosecuting-officer-wilson-won-t-bring-justice-to-ferguson.html

The gist of the hit piece is this:


Even if the prosecutor indicts Wilson, it will be hard to convict him. But dry evidentiary standards are not likely to be the concern of a community grieving over what they believe was the murder of an innocent man.”

Let me break is down for you in Progressive Speak: The facts be damned. If ‘the Black Community’ wants to believe that a racist cop murdered an innocent, unarmed teen, then the facts be damned. If the Race Agitators can justify their existence by stoking the anger and hatred of the locals, and justify the Professional Agitators continued relevancy, then the facts be damned.

Let’s have this conversation about race, Mr. Attorney General. But let’s include the people who incite the crowds to riot, only to justify their political agenda. Let’s arrest a few of the nuttier ones who rallied the grieving community to “kill some cops.” Let’s show the country that the racism of the New Black Panther Party and it’s chief spokesman, Malik Shabazz, that the rules of civil society apply to all.

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