Innocense Lost - The Trayvon Martin Explanation

On that rainy night, nothing in Trayvon Martin’s past changed the fact that the unarmed 17 year old was an innocent young man. He was innocent when he paid for the Skittles and Tea at the 7/11 store; he was innocent as he leisurely strolled home that night to deliver the treats to his younger sibling; he was innocent as he took his time walking between the buildings; he was innocent as he talked to his friend Rachel; he was innocent as he remarked about being stared at by ‘a creepy ass cracka’; he was innocent at the time that he made it almost home to the back yard at Brandy’s Townhome.

The problem with this narrative is that Tray’s supporters, as well as Ed, apparently, skip all factual occurrences from the time Trayvon made it safely home until that moment that George Zimmerman’s bullet tore into Trayvon’s chest. To them, an innocent 17 year old lay dying on the cold wet grass just off the sidewalk at Twin Lakes because a racist White-Hispanic profiled an innocent young black boy.

So what are we to make of the four minute stretch between the time that Trayvon was safe at home, talking to Rachel, and the moment that a shot rang out? Did Trayvon carry his innocence with him back up the sidewalk to the fatal confrontation with George? If so, when did the young 17 year old child lose his innocence?

I think we all know when Trayvon Martin forfeited his innocence. At the moment the young 17 year old boy sucker punched George Zimmerman and knocked him to the ground, his innocence was lost. At the moment Trayvon said to George Zimmerman “tonight you are going to die” his innocence was lost. At the time Trayvon mounted a prostrate George Zimmerman and began to pound him Mixed Martial Arts style in a “ground and pound” his innocence was lost. George Zimmerman certainly had his eyes shut during this beat down, screaming in terror, begging for help, believing that he was, in fact, going to die.

Innocence lost. In this moment of fear, George reached for his weapon and pulled the trigger once.

Innocence and life, lost forever.

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