Israeli PM Netanyahu in DC

The bristling hostility of two meetings in two days between Netanyahu and BHO — without so much as a press release or photo op — makes me quite uneasy.

It could just be a continuation of ongoing bilateral diplomatic spats, including Secty State HRC’s recent discordant trip to Israel. If so, we could each view that through different political lenses…but it would just be politics-as-usual in a partisan era.

No, what unsettles me much more than continuing political tiffs is that the dispute may actually have been about Iranian nuclear weapons policies, programs and facilities.

Our sanction-centered Iranian initiatives have thus far been ineffectual, and HRC was embarrassingly rebuffed recently in Moscow (the Russians in fact announced they would help the Iranians start their Russian-supplied nuclear reactor next summer). The Chinese have never been supportive of Iranian sanctions, and still aren’t.

Is the Piper about to ask for payment?

A nuclear-armed Iran is not less than an existential threat to Israel, and Israel’s too close for “containment” to be a viable option. So was Netanyahu saying in this week’s contentious DC meetings “we will use military force together or we will do it alone?”

Man, that would be one big Pandora’s box. And, if it happens, our weakness will have made it possible.