Prospective Burress punishment excessive

I’m a hard-core Colts fan, admitting that Plaxico Burress’ dim-witted concealed-carry violation last Nov 29th isn’t deserving of a “minimum 2.5 year sentence.”

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The guy had a just-expired CCW permit in Florida…albeit not a valid permit in NY. He did endanger others when he dropped the weapon, I admit, but in fact the only person actually injured was him.

Quite aside from this legal mess, Burress isn’t an easy guy to admire, what with his selfish, egotistical and immature athletic personna. But prosecutorial disclaimers not withstanding, Plaxico Burress is being set up for a disproportionately harsh punishment by officials in full political posturing mode.

So what would be “fair?” Exercising my (hypothetical) tsarist powers, I’d have him serve 30 days as a wake-up call.