Buck Wins Debate with Norton

Ken Buck and Jane Norton, both GOP candidates vying for the U.S. Senate, debated last night in Colorado Springs, following a recent launch of negative campaign ads levied by the Norton camp.

Ken Buck is consistent in his policy positions and overall demeanor.  As Jane Norton fired first one and then another verbal attack, he remained composed and responded with thoughtful, respectful answers to her claims.  Even though he clarified in specificity his position regarding Afghanistan, Ms. Norton returned to the topic over and over. 

The Norton camp has been more negative toward Ken Buck and more caustic in its attacks on him than anything they’ve levied at either  of the Democrat candidates, Bennet and Romanoff.   Even though she was booed several times for staying in attack mode, Ms. Norton was unrelenting until the final question when both candidates were asked if they will support the other should they lose on Aug. 10.  Both pledged support to their opponent should they not win the primary.  Press coverage can be viewed at www.gazette.com  Buck’s camp has posted responses to some of the attack ad’s currently running in Colorado at his website:  www.buckforcolorado.com

As our group left the building, we heard comments over and over that this was an important debate because Jane Norton keeps saying this campaign is about integrity and the consensus was she revealed her own last night.  Buck holds the lead as the grassroots conservative candidate, with recent polling by the Denver Post showing him ahead by 16 points.  He lags far behind Ms. Norton, however, in money which will continue to be a problem for him going in the final stretch of the primary race.   The other major candidate in Colorado’s grassroots movement, Republican Dan Maes,  who is in a heated race himself for governor, was in attendance at the debate and was greeted with rousing and enthusiastic applause when introduced.

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