Charlie Crist Could Learn a Lesson From Van Jones

From the diaries by Erick . . .

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist may find a lesson in the Van Jones story. Be careful who you appoint, when they mess up it may come back on you.

Republicans in Florida have been furious with the Governor since he embraced President Obama on stage in March. But Crist didn’t stop there. He rallied behind Obama in support of the stimulus package and raised taxes.

If Crist’s recent appointee, Sen. George LeMueix does poorly in the Senate, that could spell trouble for Crist, who opted out of a second term as governor to pursue the Senate seat himself.

Crist pulled Republican’s from all across the state to interview for the Senate seat. Its been reported that Crist kept multiple lists of possible appointees. One list of legislators –and another list of everybody else.

Here a snapshot of “everybody else” on the same list as LeMueix —

Jim Greer, Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida; close Crist advisor.

Greg Truax, businessman and close advisor to Crist.

Nancy Watkins, businesswoman and fundraiser.

Al Austin, businessman, fundraiser and CEO Austin Companies.

Michael Pinson, grassroots activist and CEO of Pinson Communications.

Al Hoffman, fundraiser and CEO of WCI Industries.


Yes, all lapdogs. Every single one.