Political and Social Justice

I consider this a political and social problem affecting our country. Our culture is under attack and not only in Florida. Our political leaders are failing us, and this story may not have any place here, but I fear for the future of this country.  We need some strong leadership in this country, and not a Socialist and Marxist Dictatorship.  We need an American leader who believes in the Constitution, and rule of law, and all Americans, not just a select few.  I do not want to see civil unrest and chaos, or a revolution, for political gain. Remember to think and vote wisely in November.

This is about an incident here in Florida and is just my opinion.

First of all, I moved from a small town in PA to Orlando about a year and a half ago, and I was shocked by the amount of crime down here. But this is not what this is about.  Many of you already know about the incident in Sanford, Florida. Yes, it was a tragedy, but why the out rage before an investigation.  Pictures show the young man when he was younger.  He happened to be a 17 year old, 6 foot 3 foot ball player. The neighborhood watchman called the police and he told them the guy looked suspicious.  He was too tell   them where he was at, and then to back off. He was approaching his truck when the young man grabbed him  and started beating him up.(allegedy) He had him down on the sidewalk bashing his head against the sidewalk. He also broke the watchman’s nose and injured his forehead. This is documented. They struggled because the watchman was trying to get his head off the sidewalk and into the grass. There were grass stains on his clothes. The police arrived so they know the truth, but are withholding this. Why? They said they would do an investigation but the out rage got out of control, and I think they feared for the man’s safety, and this is why the police have him out of sight.  Sharpton, Jackson, and the Black Panthers showed up with posters that said:  “George Zimmerman Wanted Dead or Alive“, and inciting the people. The so called Media took it from there. BTW: The watchman was not on duty and was on his way to the grocery store and has a permit to carry a concealed weapon.  So lets go from that to this.

There are blacks down here invading homes, robbing, raping, and killing their own people.  Also, in the past month there have been three events happening to white people by blacks, but hardly a mention on the local news. I need to add; it’s white on white too. Where is the out rage over this?  Why doesn’t the “Black Leaders” work to keep these thugs reigned in instead of blaming their crime on others. It is a crime rather you are Black or White. We do not need vigilante justice in this country.

It makes me think that Sharpton, Jackson, and the Black Panthers would like nothing better then to cause civil unrest and start a civil war. (Why is Obama being so quiet about this?) There are many upstanding and well to do blacks and I have many in Ohio that are friends of mine. They are well educated and worked hard to get where they are, just like me. We have many poor white people that are just called rednecks or white trash and just laughed off. (They can be thugs too.)  They do not grow up being told they are discriminated against just because they are white. Tell somebody something long enough they come to believe it.

Please excuse my grammar, and this is just my own opinion, and I think we still have free speech.  ??

Oh, I almost forgot. A reporter asked a man on the news about why the UN wanted to do an investigation into this case and he got an ear full. He said the UN needed to keep there noses out of our affairs. This was a local issue. The UN should focus on all the killing going on in other countries that were under their control. Wish I could remember his name.