What do the American people want?

What do the American people want?
For eight years we were hearing about the Bush Administration and the Iraq war, and how corrupt the Republicans were. The Democrats were so angry about Bush winning in 2000 that they sit out to destroy him and his administration and they had no time for the working for the good of this country. Even with Soros and ACORN helping they lost, and they did not take losing very well. So there was a new game plan put into place. Hate can do terrible things to a person or group. I am not here to defend the Bush Administration, but how politics of hate can ruin a nation.
People were led to believe we needed a fresh new start, and the Democrats had their own ideas about what government should be. But this was not a fresh new idea, but an idea that had been growing over the years by a group of elite progressives under the banner of the Democratic Party, but it is not anything like the old Democratic Party. It has been high jacked by the radical left wing socialists, and by Anti-Americans who want a new world order.
The Democratic Party selected and anointed a brand new face. People love American Idol, so Obama became the new American Idol, a fresh new face put forth in front of the people, and the MSM carried the banner. They said people were stuck in a quagmire and needed hope and change. This was the Democrats new Mantra, and Obama was the one who would do it.
Was Obama elected partly because he was black, I believe so, and that does not make me a racist, even though the Democrats played this fact to the hilt?(race card and class warfare.) Now I do not care if this man is black, white, orange, purple, or any other color on this planet… It is his policies and agenda, and the people behind him pulling his strings that frighten me. In my opinion he is just the front man and could not function without his teleprompter.
So this brings me back to; What do the American people want?
The word Democrat does not bother me. There are many hard working Democrats in this country.
The word Liberal does not bother me. Many people are liberal on some things, and conservative on others.
So what words frighten the living daylights out of me?
1. Progressive
2. Socialist.
3. N.W.O.
I am starting to believe we are headed that way, and Obama is leading the way. Do we really want to lose our rights and freedoms and have big government and the UN have total control our very lives. This is what Obama wants, and he is working toward this goal.. But first he and the power brokers behind must destroy America as we know it, then change it to their vision of the world (NWO) Do you think the UN will look out for our interests? Also we will live like they do in the socialist third world countries with a dictator as our leader. When you share the wealth everyone will be poor and the government will own and control everything like the dictators in others countries do. They will have all the money and they will keep it and dole out just enough to keep us from rioting. like the dictators in others countries. They will drink champagne and we will drink watered down beer. There will be two classes, the very rich and the very poor. Don’t believe me, just wait; then it will be to late. Do you think other countries will send us millions in aid and help in natural disasters? Don’t count on it.
Obama speaks from a teleprompter because he is told what to say, and he delivers it well, but with a forked tongue.. This did not happen over night. It is a planned take over, and the progressives have been placing their key people in key positions over a period of time. Can we change this take over of our country. I am beginning to doubt it.
May God hear our prayers and deliver us from the evil that is taking over.