"The Wilderness" A repost

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“The Wilderness”




I have always liked the story in the Bible about Moses leading his people out of bondage with God’s promise that he would lead them into a promised land that was flowing with milk and honey and it would be theirs for the taking. The people grumbled and complained along their journey saying that it was better in Egypt, even if they were in bondage, because they missed the food and other things. Moses was trying to lead a bunch of hard headed and stubborn people. Moses obeyed God and took them to the place where they were to enter the Promised Land.

This story began a long time before this when there was a drought in the land, and the Israelites were invited into Egypt by Joseph, an Israelite, who had found favor in the eyes of the Pharaoh that ruled Egypt. In later years a new dynasty had arisen with a new Pharaoh that had no ties with Joseph and the Israelites. The new ruler feared the Israelites because they had grown in number and he wanted to bring them under control. He did this by placing them in bondage and making them slaves. In time the people cried out to their God to deliver them from the heavy burden they were under, and Moses was chosen by God to lead them out of Egypt into a land he would give them. As I stated before, the people grumbled and complained along the way, then was denied access to the Promised Land because of their unbelief, and forced them to wander in the wilderness for forty years.

By now you are probably saying, what has that got to do with us now?

Through out history many people have been held under bondage by different groups and rulers, and there have been many wars fought in the name of freedom, or religion. Our own country was founded by people who were trying to escape tyranny and oppression. Many people in Europe were feeling the bondage they were under in their own countries and set out on a long arduous trek to a new land were they thought they could be free. They were looking for their own promised land. People came from many different nationalities, views, and beliefs and formed groups here of their own kind, but they soon learned they were still under control of their mother countries. The people then banded together to fight off their bondage and the chains that held them. They ended up fighting a war for that independence and freedom. Our founding fathers gathered together and gave us the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and the Constitution to protect those rights and freedoms, and we became the United States of America. This country has had its share of conflicts, and we fought a Civil War for the rights of people. But despite these conflicts we grew and prospered as a nation.

Now there is a group of people that has arose and have taken control of our country and we have a new ruler, who does not know or care about our founding fathers and what they stood for, and the rights and freedoms that the people had fought for. The new rulers fear a powerful people and freedom, because they want to have total control of the country and its people. This is a need that comes from greed and a thirst for power and they will proceed to put the people under bondage again, and make slaves of them.

How long will it be before people cry out to God to help them, and to deliver them from their bondage? Will there be a leader that can arise and deliver the people, or will God not have mercy on us this time, and we will be doomed to wander in a wilderness of our own making.