Socialism and what it means for America...A repost

Socialism and what it means for America

Thursday, September 10, 2009, 9:49:24 PM | bethelcovel (Profile)Go to full article

Socialism is an economic and social system based on collective social ownership of the means of production, rational planning of economic investment and growth, roughly equal distribution of goods, and services, and production of goods, and services, and production for the satisfaction of human need rather than for private profit. Modern socialism dates from the teachings of the French socialists of the early nineteenth century, but the leading socialist philosopher is the German, Karl Marx.

Marx believed in revolution to over throw the capitalists, and replace it with a system that did not make profit in the market place, but a system where production was for the satisfaction of human needs. Profitability would no longer be permitted to govern decisions. Under socialism the ruling slogan would be “from each according to his ability; to each according to his work.” Now this collective ownership of the means of production for use rather than for profit, distribution for need rather than for the ability to pay; with these changes, socialism would eliminate the irrationality of capitalism. And, of course the government would control all of this.

I believe Marx has been proven to be wrong, because many nations have been trying to turn away from socialism. The terrorists are a different story, but they benefit from socialism. They take advantage of the discord and chaos. History has proven that socialism does not work.

People came to this country to be free and to follow their own dreams and it was capitalism that gave the people the incentives to work hard and to advance their own lives by keeping the fruits of their labor. We will always have poor people among us, some cannot help their circumstances, some are just lazy, and some are just bad people who choose to be criminals. We are a generous nation and we have organizations to help those that are really needy and cannot help themselves, but we give it with a cheerful heart. Our Constitution gives us the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Also capitalism gives people jobs, and many set up foundations to give to charity. We cannot destroy capitalism and expect to survive.

Our country is hanging in the balance and conservatives need to keep up the work of getting the word out, and fighting for our freedom of speech, and rights, before everything is taken away.