Double Standard?

Double Standard ?


Does anyone remember November 2000? The Democrats were very angry that George Bush had won the election. He was accused of stealing the office, and I am sure many still think so, but that is neither here nor there. It’s over. And, I am so sure that the Democrats did everything honest and above board in that election. They would never do anything dishonest. (sarcasm intended ) Winning the 2000 election was bad, but to win again in 2004 was unbearable. Bush spent the next 8 years trying to avoid the gun fire coming at him. No, not from the terrorists but the Democrats. They were so intent on bringing Bush down and his administration, that I wonder how they managed to get any work done for the American people. If any thing did go right they took the credit for it. They did not even try to be bi-partisan.

What happened when a Republican got caught being corrupt or immoral? They were either run out of office or pushed out. It not only made the daily news, but went on for weeks. It was big time on TV, in magazines, and on the late night comedy shows, along with the Bush bashing that was non stop. I am not saying that Republicans are not corrupt, many are. But let one man in the Republican Party do something wrong, and the entire party got blamed. The democrats dirt got covered up or down played, and they are still doing it.

What were the Democrats doing during the 8 years they were trying to destroy Bush, besides dividing the nation over the war in Iraq and also embolden our enemies. My theory is they were trying to tear this country down and ruin the economy so they could blame it on the Bush Administration. Then they could say, he got us into this mess and we will get you out of it. Who got us into the mess with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae? Who forced the financial institutions to lend money to people that they knew would not be able to pay back their loans? Who was getting paybacks from these institutions? There were also other schemes to bring him down. They had to find the perfect hero riding in on a white horse to save the day and send the cowboy back to Texas. 

Well they found their hero and anointed him. The MSM and The DNC loved him as much as they detested Bush. It was a two year love affair; and still is. No one dared to say anything bad about him; if they did they were called racist. The MSM allowed him the honor of no questions, and he had no resume. In other words he got a free pass, and he had the backing of power brokers, who were also rich. I believe Obama was groomed for this job and the White House was bought for him. (650+ million.) It was bought by Anti-American, Radical Socialists who’s goal is a “One-World-Government” controlled by the UN. Now let us bring in his associates. Need I say more! Not really, but I will. He is surrounded by the thugs from the corrupt Chicago machine, and other corrupt people.

What are Pelosi and Reid saying? Nothing! The Democrats wanted back in power so badly that they sold their soul to the Devil in order to get it. The man they got cannot even give a speech unless he has a teleprompter with the words written out for him. He is only following orders. Is this what we want or need? A lot of questions need to be asked about the direction our country is headed. Do we want Socialism or a Dictatorship, or do we want to be free? Does our Constitution mean any thing to us any more?  If so then go and read it. The people elect leaders to work for them and to keep them safe from their enemies, and keep them free to pursue their own happiness. It should not be the other way around.

The Democrats feel as though they are above the law and can do as they please, but the same rule does not apply to Republicans. Both parties need to be held accountable, and “We the People” need to start demanding it!

And now the bombshell:  Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize, and what has he done to deserve it! Is it for keeping our country safe and strong, and having a good foreign policy, or is he being rewarded for selling out this great nation, and turning it over to our enemies?