The Progressive Profile

The Progressive Profile.

The progressives came out of the populist movement in the 1800’s and adopted many of their ideas. The people who made up this group were from the higher classes, and the rich who had inherited wealth. It was said back then that the populists “shaved its whiskers, washed its shirt, put on a derby, and moved to the upper class. These people had an almost compulsive desire for total power and it ran through all their rhetoric. Some progressives even set themselves apart from the crowd. Woodrow Wilson believed that the government should only be run by educated elite.

The Progressive Party was organized in 1912 as a result of the split in the Republican Party between the conservatives that believed more in the individual rights of people and self determination, and the more liberal, or progressive members of the party who believed in more government control. This rift was brought about by the old hard line leaders that believed in controlling the convention party machine in nominating Taft for President instead of Roosevelt. Roosevelt left The GOP and ran on his new progressive (Bull Moose) ticket. This party was similar to the insurgent group in congress during the Roosevelt and Taft administrations. This rift in the party enabled a Democrat to win the office in 1913 (Woodrow Wilson). In 1916 the Progressive Party rapidly disintegrated and most members returned to the Republican Party.

But it did not end there. The progressives have had their foot in the door since it began, and it has morphed into the Democratic Party that has become more liberal over time. They claim that they are the party of the people, the very poor and the working poor. But I do not believe this to be the case, simply because they believe in big government which has total control of the means of production, and financial systems. The powers in government believe they know what the needs of the people are more then the people do. To me this is socialism. The Democrats say they are liberal, and this is true, but it goes beyond that. Hillary Clinton made the statement calling herself a “new progressive”. There is no such thing as a new progressive, it is the same old thing wrapped into a new package. Obama calls him self a liberal Democrat, but in fact he is a socialist under the banner of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is a misnomer. Put progressives and socialists in the same room and you have the new Socialist Party of America.

Socialism does not give the people the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It puts a new meaning on the Constitution of the United States of America. This is a power grab, and it is this lust for power that will destroy this country. You cannot take all the money that people make and spread it around evenly. This makes everyone poor, and the government rich and powerful.

Socialism has never worked and it never will!