"A Mother's Prayer"........Christian Post/Not Political


There is so much political news going on that I decided to post a story that gets away from politics, and talks about life and faith.


“A Mother’s Prayer”


I would like to tell you a story, but first I need to give you some background. My mother struggled during the 30’s and 40’s to take care of my three brothers and me after our father was killed. She worked hard to keep us together and fed. She always had a smile on her face but sometimes at night when I was in bed, I would hear her crying and asking God to help us. She managed to take care of our needs, and although we were poor we did not feel poor, there was only a feeling of happiness. Our mother not only took care of our physical needs, she also taught us many things about the world and life, and she gave us something that money cannot buy; love…..Unconditional love.

When I was seven I became ill at school and was crying. The teacher spanked me on my bottom and told me to go out side and play with the other children. My brother who was a little older told the teacher she could not hit his little sister. He took me by my hand and took me out of the school and walked home with me. Our mother was at a lady’s home not far away but by then I was too weak to walk. He picked me up and carried me the rest of the way. The lady that my mother was working for put me and my mother into her car and took me to a hospital in Roanoke, Virginia. At first the doctors did not know what was wrong but they did pack me in ice to bring my fever down, and I had lapsed into a coma. They later tapped my spine to get rid of excess fluid. The doctor told my mother that I would most likely not live through the night and only a miracle could save me. My mother knelt by my bed and started praying for God to spare my life, finally in exhaustion she fell against the bed and said “God you gave me my little girl and if you want her back I will give her to you freely, but I only have one request, please save her soul.” It was at that instant that I came out of my coma, set up in the bed and said, “Mommy I am hungry. The doctor came in later and stood there for a few moments looking at me then turned and looked into my mother’s eyes and said, “You got your miracle.” Then he slowly walked out of the room. I walked out of the hospital eight days later holding on to my mother’s hand. I was weak and walked with a slight limp. But, I walked.

Now I had believed there was a God in Heaven since I was old enough to understand the concept, because my step-father always read from the Bible every day after supper. (He came into our lives when I was six.) But my image of God was an old white haired man sitting on a throne watching over his people and the ones who were bad and sinned would go to hell, which was a very bad place, and I always tried to be a good little girl. It was not until I was in my early thirties that I started learning about the love of Christ, who God sent to earth to show man the way to Him, and salvation.

One day I was standing in my kitchen ironing and crying over an event that had taken place and I was very hurt and unhappy. I sit down the iron and looked up crying and said, “God if you are who you say you are, and Christ is who He says He is, then reach out and help me.” I suddenly felt a cold chill run through my body and it felt like every hair on my body was standing straight up. I also felt a presence standing next to me. I looked all around and no one was there. God had reached out His hand, and I took it. I asked Christ to come into my life and save me. Did my life suddenly change with me becoming happy and glorious? No. As a matter of fact it got worse for quite some time. It was though someone was turning my world up side down. I sometimes felt like I was being tested, but I did not let go of God’s out stretched hand. As time passed by I became stronger in my faith and strength.

God never promised us an easy life, but he did promise to be with us and give us strength through the rough times. I remembered two events that took place in my late twenties before I had asked for Christ to come into my life. No one prayed for me then, but God was watching over me and keeping me safe because he was honoring my mother’s request to save my soul when I was seven years old. I may have more heartbreak and pain before my life is over, but I will never let go of God’s out stretched hand. He will walk beside me and if I am too weak to walk he will carry me. God gives me unconditional love, and is my life, without Him I would be nothing.