9/11/01 (Bush Administration still on trial ??)

It has been eight years since the terrorist attack on American soil. 9/11/01

This week I have been thinking a lot about the Van Jones’s (Obama Czar) belief that the Bush Administration was involved in this horrendous act. Then later the Hollywood actor, Charlie Sheen, coming out and saying there should be an investigation. I was reminded of an article I wrote some time back concerning my own opinion about the last eight years and what is happening now. So, I would like to repost it here.

Bush Administration still on trial??

For eight years Bush and his administration was bashed and demonized by the Democrats and they did a darn good job of it, which must have been amusing to our enemies listening and watching our Main Stream Media. A politician with an R after his name couldn’t even pass gas in the wrong place without being criticized, if you played hanky panky in your private life it was good bye to political life. Now I am not condoning this kind of behavior, but the double standard? Guess who was manipulating our financial markets and playing hard and fast with the rules and truths? Of course Bush got the blame for it. He was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. He made a big mistake on the bail outs and I wonder if he just gave up since the Democrats had control of Congress and he had his back to the wall. At least he kept us safe for 7½ years. Once they destroyed their enemy (The Republicans) they moved in for the kill and Soros got his golden boy puppet in the White House. You would think they would have stopped there. They got what they wanted through the DNC, MSM, ACORN, and Soros.

But oh no! Now they are going to investigate the former administration for the next four years and try to destroy them completely, taking scrutiny off their own deeds, and now they have to deal with patriotic Americans who stand up and protest the government and their policies that could bankrupt the country we love, because we know its true history. We love its freedoms and the rights we fought for a long time ago. We know what our founding fathers stood for, and the principles and values that governed us, and we built a great nation on these principles. Now we are being called right wing extremists that are a danger to Obama and what his policies are. His policies could very well bankrupt this nation.

This man campaigned on hope and change. Now everybody believes in hope, and always hoping for a better life through change. It is normal human behavior. But his words were empty, because there was no substance behind them. He never let the people know what that change would be, the charming speaker with a smile and a teleprompter. He was going to be above politics, and there would be honesty and transparency in government. Where is it? The MSM gives him a pass when it comes to his past and everything else because he was the anointed one. He would give everyone a paradise to live in; a Utopia. That sounds good to ones who want everything given to them and to be taken care of. The trouble is we live in the real world where trouble abounds. In other words, as the saying goes, there is no free lunch.

Now, lets get to the cast of characters that Obama is surrounding him self with, who lack honesty and transparency in their own lives. Do you think the Republicans would be getting a free pass? No way! Why are The DNC and the MSM keeping silent about all their unethical dealings? Are you hearing as much as a peep out of Pelosi and Reid? They are playing CYA. If the Democrats can keep the former President Bush and his Administration under investigation, or on trial, they can keep the focus off their own agenda and plans; Socialism, or working with Soros toward a one-world-government. Also why is Obama going over seas and putting our own country down while sucking up to our enemies? Does he believe his eloquent tongue will make our enemies like us? I bet they are laughing behind his back and saying “Praise Allah” for giving us Obama. He is revealing our secrets and threatening our security.

Speaking about the conflict over water boarding and being harsh on our enemies, why don’t we just go by the way they torture their enemies, just cut off their heads, but not before torturing first. As for me I would rather be water boarded for 20 or 30 seconds then having my head chopped off.

Now I have a question for all you liberals that might read my post. Can you give me an honest and logical answer about the statements I have made? Do you want our country to stand united, and to keep our country safe through strength? Do you want to become Socialist and sell our country out where we will no longer have any rights or freedoms, and it will be the UN who will make our laws? And, you know how honest they are, and there is no corruption. They do not respect America, so how can they be on our side? We will end up as a third world country if the people so choose.

“Never forget 9/11/01, and May God Bless America”