A Liberal's Definition....then and now



A Liberal’s Definition….then and now….According to Webster’s dictionary, liberalism is giving freely, giving more than necessary or usual, and enlarging the mind, not subject to common prejudices or conventions, favorable to individual liberty, social reform and removal of economic restraints, admitting a free interpretation of religious doctrines and of its application to ritual and conduct. Liberalism is a political philosophy that is progressive rather than conservative. This leads us to liberalism which is a body of social, political, religious or economic doctrines or attitudes which are liberal…

In the beginning liberalism was for the commercial or individual classes, favoring free trade and fixing of wages and prices by competition, and opposed state intervention. It started changing in the late 19th century in Britain. States where allowed to intervene in a limited way to allow for social services for the needy. Liberalism was critical of institutions that restricted individual liberty whether political or religious and placed its faith in man’s goodness and rationality

Economic liberalism has its roots in the laissez-faire doctrines of Adam Smith and others. But now liberalism has adopted the teaching of Carl Marx, who along with Engels published the “Communist Manifesto (1848) in which he promoted international socialism. But this can only be achieved by overthrowing the capitalist system by the dictatorship of the proliterariat and obtain a classless society.

How can this be achieved? By big government controlling our lives and making laws to benefit all. I do not think so! They want to lead us down a happy primrose path that leads to a utopian paradise where everyone lives in peace and happiness. It will never happen! You cannot legislate people’s morality. You cannot change people’s principles and values by legislation. We will always have the poor among us, and we have organization’s to help them, and people also give freely when not forced. We will always have the low life and criminals among us. You cannot change the human heart through legislation, but you can kill the human spirit by taking away rights and freedoms

Let us stop right here.

What happened…..where are we today?

What does the new Democratic Social Party believe? Do liberals have an open mind when it comes to freedom of speech which is guaranteed by our constitution? It seems to me it is shut up and sit down, or be run out of town. Look what liberals are doing to Rush Limbaugh’s right to free speech. Look at what the liberals did to Joe the Plumber when he just asked a simple question. Look what the liberals and the MSM did to Sarah Palin when she exercised her right to free speech, and many others. Do you get the feeling that the liberals are the only ones with the right to free speech?

We are looking into the face of a monster that will destroy everything this country has stood for since its founding. Our constitution is being changed to fit a socialist agenda and powers grab to control the very heart of the American people. We just cannot let this happen.

And, I want to add that under a Socialist Regime there will be no Democrats, no Republicans, and no Independents. It will be the big government that makes the rules. Party Identification means nothing to them; it is just a means to an end. Divide and Conquer.

Socialism will destroy us all!