Thank Goodness It's Over

The election is over…the uncertainty is over. We now know the probable fate of our nation. President elect Barack Obama has been chosen by 52% of this nation to be our 44th president. So be it. It is now time to move forward.

I am quite surprised at how at peace I feel. I thought for sure that I would be livid if Obama won the presidency. I thought for sure I would run right out and lower my flag to half staff. But I’m not and I haven’t. As soon as I knew for sure that he had won I was at peace. I knew that I had done all I could, and even though it wasn’t enough, the Lord let me know that it would be okay.

As a citizen of this great nation, I will support President Obama when I feel he is right and I will vehemently oppose him when I think he is wrong. I pray that I will be able to support him more than I will have to oppose him, but I don’t hold out much hope.

Now that the election is over, there are a few people I would like to thank.First, thank you Senator John McCain, you put up a valiant fight. Unfortunately, you had a tough row to hoe.

To be honest you were not my first choice, nor the first choice of many conservatives, to be the Republican nominee. However, I have a lot of respect for you and your service to this nation. I eventually came to believe that, despite our differences, you would have made a good president. I know you would have put “Country First” as you have done all your life.

It was unfortunate that you ran up against some insurmountable odds in your quest for the presidency:

  • Who could have predicted the collapse of the housing institutions, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Oh wait, you and President Bush did when you both fought so hard to get them regulated. Wasn’t it convenient that they collapsed just when you were up significantly in the polls? This collapse was followed by a few very large financial institutions and then the stock market. The Republicans were unfairly and unjustly blamed for this collapse by the same people who actually helped cause it.
  • Your opponent was able to put you at a substantial campaign finance disadvantage by convincing you to pledge to accept public financing. Once he got you to sign on the dotted line, he then backed out on his own pledge, thus allowing him to raise millions and millions of dollars from anonymous sources, possibly from overseas. I commend you for being a man of your word and sticking to your promise. You were the bigger and more honorable man.
  • How can you beat an opponent who has followers that believe, as one woman stated at an Obama rally, “I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car? I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage?” Won’t she get a big surprise? I can’t wait.

Second, thank you Governor Sarah Palin. You are piceless. You re-instilled faith in a disenfranchised electorate who has felt abandoned by its party leaders. You have shown us that there are still true conservative leaders in the Republican Party serving this country.

Don’t believe the idiot pundits on both sides of the political spectrum who want to blame you for the loss and say that you were a “drag on the ticket”…we don’t. Anyone who watched your campaign rallies knows that you were anything but. You brought energy and enthusiasm to a ticket that was floundering until you came onto the scene. Your presence on the ticket reenergized the conservative base of the Republican Party in a way that it hasn’t been seen for a good long time.

You have millions of conservatives who are looking forward to 2012 and a Palin run for the presidency. How about Bobby Jindal as your veep?

Third, thank you to the 46% of Americans who voted to protect this nation from the most liberal, least experienced candidate to ever be nominated by a major party. You saw through his “just words, just speeches” rhetoric and saw the real Barack Obama. You went beyond the “just words, just speeches” rhetoric and listened to, watched and read other sources to get the truth. You actually paid attention to what he said and what his record is or what he has done to discover the inconsistencies. We may have lost, but we are not going to stay down and we will not be silenced.

Fourth, thank you to the 52% of Americans who voted for Senator Barack Obama. You have finally put to rest the common, misconceived belief that racism is still alive and well in America…or did you? According to some African-American leaders, you didn’t. According to them, Obama is not African-American so therefore, he doesn’t qualify as the first African-American president, so your “white guilt” must continue. Yawn!!!

Be that as it may, America has finally elected its first black president. Let’s all celebrate…NOT!!! You have put a black man into the most powerful position in the world:

  • Who has absolutely no experience whatsoever.
  • Who was the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate. Yet, somehow many of you seem to think he will govern from the center. What makes you think so? Nothing he said during his campaigning says he will. In fact, just about everything he has ever said proves the opposite.
  • Who, if he were the average “Joe”, would not qualify for even the lowest security clearance because of his past associations with radicals like William Ayers, Rashid Khalidi, Tony Rezko, and Bernadine Dohrn. But, because he is now the most powerful man in the world, he will be given the highest security clearance in the nation.
  • Who has promised to bankrupt the coal industry which provides 49% of our nation’s energy, force Americans to conserve through skyrocketing electricity prices, “spread the wealth around” through higher taxes and tax credits to Americans who pay no Federal income tax, cut our nation’s defense capabilities, and surrender a war we are finally winning.
  • Who has said that he will listen to everyone, especially when they disagree with him. Hmmm…let’s ask Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher or Barbara West and WFTV, the Florida station she works for, after she asked Biden a tough question regarding Obama’s “spread the wealth around” tax plan or the three reporters who were kicked off his campaign plane during the last days of the race because they worked for papers that endorsed McCain.

Finally, thank you to the mainstream media who has proven once again that they are not to be trusted with accurate information. You were so biased during this election that it was disgusting. Once the new Congress, with an even bigger Democrat majority, gets the “Fairness Doctrine” passed, thus bringing an end to conservative talk radio, most Americans will have nowhere to go to get the other side of the story…or even the truth…except for those of us who will watch FOX. Those who won’t, will be subjected to the Democrat propaganda machine which will hide everything and will tell them nothing. They will be made to believe that we live in a utopian world, while the opposite will be true.