Experience, Experience, Experience

The media, Democrats and some Republicans are beginning to sound like a ridiculous broken record. They keep singing the same old tune, “Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is inexperienced and she isn’t ready to become President.”

First, she isn’t running as President…McCain is. She will be the Vice President and will only become President if McCain passes away while in office. He is only 72 years old and his doctor’s have given him a clean bill of health. He could live for another ten or twenty years…way past the one term he has said he will only serve.Second, while she is definitely not experienced when it comes to foreign policy, Sarah Palin has a proven track record of leadership and strong decision making as a Mayor and a Governor. She has served in elected public office for almost 16 years. She has been a champion of ethics reform (which this government needs desperately) and energy independence. She has taken on corruption in her own party and she has taken on “Big Oil” (the demon of the 21st century). She has a record of lowering taxes, lowering budgets and passing the savings on to the people.

Third, a lot of Democrats are upset that Obama didn’t select Hillary as his running mate. What makes Hillary more qualified to be VP than Sarah? What makes Obama more qualified to be President than Sarah? Neither of these two have ever governed a city or a state. I know Hillary thinks she did when she was the First Lady, but her husband was President…not HIllary.

Obama not only has no foreign policy experience…he has no executive experience of any kind. Most of his “experience” has come as a street activist/community organizer in Chicago, seven years as a State Senator in Illinois and four years as a US Senator, where he is considered to be the “most liberal” senator…based on his voting record. Obama was only in the US Senate for two years before he began his run for President. Does this make him qualified to be President?

Fourth, Sarah’s qualifications are equal to those of “the great” William Jefferson Clinton. Clinton served as the Arkansas Attorney General for two years and then as the Arkansas Governor for ten years before running for President. Where was his foreign policy experience? The Democrats had no problem with him jumping into the Presidential seat. They forgave him for all his embarrassing behaviors, they looked past the accusations of impropriety and they have almost elevated him to “Godhood”.

Fifth, Sarah has more executive experience than McCain, the man she will serve with; while McCain has the foreign policy experience. People who know Sarah say that she is a quick study, so she will be able to learn what she needs to know about foreign policy…much like Obama will have to. However, if elected, Obama will have to learn foreign policy as the President; whereas, if elected, Sarah will learn it as the Vice President.

Sarah Palin was a great choice for VP. She is a fresh face in Washington and an outsider to the politics as usual. She, like McCain, is considered a maverick in her own right. If elected, she will serve this country with, as she put it, “integrity, good will and a servant’s heart”.

Let’s give her a chance to prove she is ready. I look forward to her debate with Obama’s choice, Senator Bidden (who, by the way, is only on the ticket because he has foreign policy experience), and I finally look forward to the next ten weeks leading up to the election with hope.