Michael Moore's New Film

I put together some thoughts on Michael Moore’s new film.

Believe me, I’m not recommending it, lol.

In Slacker Uprising Michael Moore sings a song to himself and the tune is both false and aggrandizing, but you won’t find any real slackers rising here. This film is all about Michael Moore and his narcissism which he exhales with every gargantuan shuffle. This is a rich man’s tale showcasing his 20 state 2004 college tour. The venture was a crusade to stop George W. Bush from getting reelected. His name is up in lights at every locale…and the camera documents these events enthusiastically. The college students seem much taken with Moore which is not surprising as emotion charged thinking and self-absorption are hallmarks of youth. Hopefully, as the kids progress in life they will discover the truth about the world on their own. It’s never too late to grow up—unless you’re Eddie Vedder that is. There’s about five minutes here devoted to that reed of cultural effluvia and he parroted all the standard soundbytes about the president. My favorite line from the film was when Moore proclaimed, “They have God on their side and we have Ben Affleck.” Agreed! And thank you.

The press asks him softball questions like, “Do you believe what you’re saying or are your films propaganda?” Guess how he answered? Yep, he said he’s countering manufactured news and that he’s anti-propaganda. However, the only conservatives he depicts in this film are straw men who mention Jesus somewhere in their statements. This is in keeping with Moore’s disdain for Christians. He taunts protestors saying: “You’re not going to do the whole rosary up there?” and “Who would Jesus bomb?” Speaking of clichés, Moore is endorsed by all manner of empty headed celebrity. Having REM, Viggo Mortensen, Gloria Steinem, and Joan Baez support you means …nothing because a collection of bobbleheads remain a collection of bobbleheads.

Overall, Democratic partisans everywhere will cherish Slacker Uprising as it confirms and redistributes numerous Democratic talking points from the last election such as John Kerry’s getting “swiftboated.” What is dubbed swiftboating is actually the act of Kerry’s former comrades telling the truth about the way he behaved while in Vietnam. Pretending that his failed candidacy was a product of conspiracy is how the left chooses to recast history. Ultimately though, if his labors were so effective, then why did John Kerry lose the election? Answer: he was an unsuitable candidate who did not connect with the people and did not reflect their needs. Most conservatives refuse to watch Moore’s films and I cannot blame them. I only waste my time doing so for the purposes of argumentation.