Come Fight the Left!

As I commented in a blog yesterday, the leftist reaction to Dr. Jerome Corsi’s The Obama Nation has been absolutely hysterical. Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like it. Over at amazon, where I myself posted a review and have posted reviews with regularity for practically five years, I sat and watched them tattoo the author with over 300 negative 1 Star entries in the course of the last two or three days. The reaction has been totally manufactured by what appears to the Obama campaign itself. The simultaneous posting of these 1 or 2 sentence reviews is the epitome of bad faith as none of these individuals have read or even opened the book. Some of them have even admitted this to me in their comments. The sinister orchestration of these spam negative attacks evidences the contempt the left has for everyone else in society. They take the general public for rubes who can be manipulated and exploited via their mass derision of the author.

Unlike these lowgrade fanatics, Dr. Corsi researched Obama’s works and then drew his own conclusions. These leftist agitators are deliberately attempting to deceive the public. This should be a good lesson for independents. Leftists care about no one except themselves and think rules are what apply to other people. This is why I object to the word “liberal” being used in regards to Democrats. There is nothing liberal about them. They try to destroy their enemies simply because they dare to disagree with them.

At any rate, this is a perfect opportunity for those of you who wish to battle the left at close quarters to do so. They’re hanging around like trollops in a red-light district over at the book’swebpage and if you wish to fight them they’re there and waiting (or longing for Midol). If you’ve read the book—and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people here have—post a review. If you’ve already posted one or haven’t read it yet, post a forum entry. Oh, and don’t forget your buckler because it’s raining emotion there in heaps and bales.

PS. In full disclosure, I do not know Dr. Corsi and have no economic interest in his book but I do have an interest in preventing our nation from being destroyed by a radical leftist who bares no closer relation to a Messiah than he does an order of haggis.