The Obama Nation

If you ever want to witness the difference between the political left and the political right please examine the reviews for Jerome Corsi’s new book The Obama Nation. It has been subjected to a bizarre campaign of 1 Star reviews over the course of the last two days. All of these reviews appear to be ideological in spirit and produced by radicals who have not read the book–a fact that they do not hide by refusing to mention anything about its particulars. I suppose I could do the same thing in regards to those leftists I don’t like such as Nancy Pelosi; although, I spent three hours reading her book and my review of it reflects my efforts (and it was a chore too! lol). There is something in the conservative disposition that prevents us from choosing to behave in a “the means justifies the ends” fashion. If the means are evil we refuse to enact them which negatively impacts our efforts when battling our foes, but does allow us to lead mentally healthy lives. Deceiving readers because you don’t like someone is an abhorrent practice. Personally, I feel this campaign by the left is both disgraceful and dishonorable. If one hasn’t read a book one shouldn’t be reviewing it, but, at any rate, I thought Corsi’s book was outstanding review. I have perused the left’s arguments against it as put forth by Media Matters and none of their objections are in the least bit substantive. All the errors that they claim exist (and I doubt they do exist) are trivial and do not refute his central thesis that Barack Obama is a far leftist. His true nature is evident in his political positions along with the individuals with whom he has surrounded himself at both the professional and personal levels.