Primary Shows Obama May be in Trouble in North Carolina

Tuesday was the primary election in North Carolina. I shan’t bore you with most of the races; if you don’t live here they aren’t likely to excite you. But there were two things in the results that may be of national interest.

The first, and the one getting all the headlines, was Amendment 1 to the state constitution, which defined marriage as a union between one man and one woman. It passed 61% to 39%. It might have passed by even more, but it was specifically written to ban civil unions as well. For many, including me, that was a deal breaker. (My own opinion is that everyone should have a civil union, then add a wedding on top if they want one. For details see “Civil Unions for Everyone!” from a couple of years ago.) The hate has already started, as is shown by the collection of tweets at Twitchy with gems like “go kill yourselves, you rednecks.”

But of all the North Carolina results, the one I found most interesting was at the very top of the page. President Barack Obama ran unopposed on the Democratic ticket. Running completely unopposed, Barack Obama got 79.20% of the vote, with 20.80% voting for “No Preference.” That is, with no opponent the president could not even get 80% of DEMOCRATS to vote for him.

Up till now, the conventional wisdom was that North Carolina was a swing state, with Obama in the lead. The first sign of a break in that narrative was a NY Times breakdown of swing states on Monday that left North Carolina off the list. It looks like the New York Times had some pretty good intelligence on that score if Obama can’t even get 80% of Democrats when unopposed.

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