A Couple of Rude People Aren't the Whole Hall

If you didn’t hear about it last night you’re going to wake to news stories about Republicans at the debate in Florida booing a gay American service man last night. It’s likely that this will be represented as the sentiment of the whole hall, and used by assorted talking heads to smear Republicans, the Tea Party, and Fox News. There’s just one problem- The story as it has already begun to spread is a lie. Far from being a major eruption in the hall, it was a couple of people, with those around the offenders trying to get them to stop.

Sarah Rumpf, one of the top political bloggers in Florida, was at the debate on Thursday night. She was sitting only a few rows from where the booing originated, and tweeted just afterwards

FTR that was ONLY 1 or 2 people who booed at the gay soldier’s question & LOTS of people shushed at him. #FloridaP5 #gopdebate #sayfie

If you pursue her timeline on Twitter you’ll see that she was explaining that it was one or two with those around them trying to get them to stop. Unfortunately, horrified hissing doesn’t carry as well  as intentional loud booing from a couple of jerks with deep voices in a large mostly empty room with concrete floors, so what the eyewitnesses saw and heard didn’t make it to microphones up on stage.

Sarah was there and I wasn’t, so you should read her account over at Sunshine State Sarah. You should read the whole thing so that you know the truth when the lie surfaces.

A couple of rude jerks aren’t the whole hall, and the Left and their MSM allies should not be allowed to get away with a lie.

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