Newspaper Guild Was At Rally Where Tabitha Hale Was Attacked

On Wednesday Tabitha Hale was attacked outside of her office at FreedomWorks by union protesters who had gathered to rally in support of the Wisconson public employees. The attacker was part of Communications Workers of America. Instapundit noted that The Newspaper Guild was part of CWA, so the lack of MSM coverage was unsurprising.

Looking at the CWA web site I discovered that CWA has another sector that makes the lack of coverage of Tabitha’s attack and the friendly coverage in Wisconsin even more understandable. It turns out that another part of CWA is NABET, the National Association of Broadcast Employees & Technicians. Let’s look at their “About Us” page to see how that might have a bearing:

NABET-CWA has contracts with ABC, NBC, FOX and other networks, as well as local TV stations across the country. Our members include engineers, photographers, editors, directors, technicians, graphic artists, traffic coordinators, clerical workers, truck operators, writers, reporters, anchors, producers and others in the television and cable industry.

So unions have the papers and much of broadcast sewn up. Good thing they haven’t figured out a way to unionize bloggers yet.

I did find one story about the rally outside of Fox News’ DC Bureau and FreedomWorks. The story was carried by The Newspaper Guild’s web site. Entitled “D.C. unionists mass 2,000 to show solidarity with Wisconsin workers” It goes on for 8 paragraphs, mentioning various unions, the location, the chants, a bit of background on the issues in Wisconsin- But somehow there wasn’t enough space for news about the attack.

Let’s look at some of the unions reported to be present in The Newspaper Guild’s article:

Other unionists at the D.C. rally represented The Newspaper Guild, the National Writers Union, the Communications Workers, the Transport Workers, the Laborers, the Steelworkers, NATCA, the United Food and Commercial Workers, AFGE, UNITE HERE, the Service Employees, UAW, the Professional and Technical Engineers, the Machinists, the Teamsters and the Amalgamated Transit Union.

So there were actually members of The Newspaper Guild present at the rally where the attack took place, but somehow none of them found the attack newsworthy.

And people wonder why newspapers are dying.