Jumping Ship

I am a moderate conservative. I am foreign policy hawk who supports both the closing of the prison at Gitmo and legislation to ban enhanced interrogation techniques.

I am a fiscal conservative who supports a carbon tax/cap and trade system to fight climate change.

I am a social conservative who supports gay marriage and opposes the death penalty.

Going back a few years, I was a moderate conservative who subscribed to the NYT and did not even find everything they wrote ridiculous. I read Brooks, Noonan and Sullivan and I nodded my head.

I am a moderate conservative who also never thought much of Bush.

I am a moderate conservative who loudly and proudly supported John McCain from the start of this primary battle. I donated money I didn’t really have to donate because John McCain struck such a chord with me.

To my surprise, McCain won the nomination. That was a great day for moderate conservatives like me.

Then, recently, something strange started to happen.

Many of the people within the party with whom I strongly identified abandoned the moderate conservative candidate that brought me so enthusiastically into this race.

‘Jumping ship’ is the most popular metaphor used to describe this phenomenon.

In hindsight, though, I don’t think we moderate conservatives ever had a ship.

Now I am a moderate conservative who reads Krauthammer, Steyn, Levin and Boot. I don’t nod as often, but I can live with that.

At least they have a boat.