America is Running Out of Life


Erick Erickson, on the goal:

…In short, the pro-life movement must stop being the whores of the GOP. The Republican Leadership knows the pro-life movement is in its pocket. They have nowhere else to go. They have no one else to vote for. As much as Republicans look at black voters and tut-tut that they are being taken advantage of by a Democratic Party that knows black voters will not go anywhere, the Republicans are doing precisely the same to pro-life voters…

Steve Berman, on the obstacle:

…But the problem we have is that politics is downstream of culture. In order to effect change in politics, we first must energize those who defend life, and find a way to spread that energy to the country, which has prioritized life low on the totem pole this election. Disaffected voters don’t follow parties–they follow candidates. They don’t vote policy, they vote ideas and specific issues…

Ben Domenech, on the opportunity:

…This creates an opening for a third party that would follow in a different tradition from Libertarians or Greens. Instead, it would hold to the old-fashioned approach to third party efforts: an agenda that is unified around a single issue, and otherwise open to a wide degree of differentiation among candidates on every unrelated issue.

The agenda of a Party of Life is easy to draw up: it is opposed to the destruction of innocent life, and seeks to make the practice illegal. Agenda items could include the appointment of pro-life judges; ending of state taxpayer funding of abortions via Medicaid; the institution of the Reagan Rule regarding federal taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood and other organizations; passage of 20 week bans on abortion at the state level; removing the employer funding requirement of Obamacare for IUDs; requiring additional oversight of abortion clinics; and ultimately, the passage of a Human Life Amendment to the Constitution….

Matt Anderson, on the false assumption that will perpetuate our failure:

…Evidence for what Trump might or might not do does not matter at all to the Dumb and Dumber case. The only claim that matters is that however minuscule it is, we have better odds of getting conservative justices from Trump than we do from Hillary. It is an article of faith, impervious and impenetrable to rational assessment.

“But it is wrong.

“For one, the argument treats treats gaining conservative justices as so important that they trump to any other end or goal. The reasons for this judicial myopia are deep and important within the pro-life world. No pro-lifer can say that Supreme Court opinions simply do not matter, for reasons that are obvious. But ironically, shouting ‘The Judges!’ as a political clincher deepens the very doctrine of judicial supremacy that Roe and other similarly bad rulings have exacerbated. Pro-lifers should play a role in deflating the Supreme Court’s singular power over American political life: the use of such power to enact social change has exacerbated tensions in American society, and undermined the conditions for long-term stability and peace…

Know Much About History?

When this country was founded, Thomas Jefferson wrote,

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among those are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

This was the true “shot heard around the world” of the American Revolution and has resounded through history. Even though at the time, these words did not truly apply to all people, they have been the objective truth that has been the fountainhead of great positive steps in human flourishing.

At the dawn of the Second American Republic, the original motivating force behind the Republican party was the defense and advancement of the Second Inalienable Right of the Declaration. Abraham Lincoln and his political allies sought to establish Liberty for All People, regardless of how much melanin their skin contained.

At the height of the Third American Republic, Republicans and other people of good faith fought for the Third Inalienable Right of our country’s Declaration of Independence: the Pursuit of Happiness. They protested for the right to freedom of association, and the individual’s ability to fulfill his or her potential, regardless of the amount of melanin content in that individual’s skin — Justice for All.

Now, here at the sunset of the Third Republic, after a man of African descent has finally been elected to one of the highest offices in the land, the GOP is at loose ends. To fight against our 44th president politically would give the media-generated perception of a struggle against their original motivating forces — Liberty and Justice for All. So they don’t fight. And this lack of fight has allowed an even greater infringement on our rights to arise, one that they would rather ignore.

While the GOP was fighting for Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness, our second and third inalienable rights, our First Inalienable Right was sucked out of the womb and snipped in the neck while they refused to look. And just like in the fights for the Second & Third Inalienable Rights, the Supreme Court backed the Rights-Deniers’ Regime. Today’s result of the tolerance of such evil? Death, Enslavement, and the Pursuit of Misery for All.

Life for All.

The Pledge of Allegiance is overdue for an update:

“We pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,
and to the Republic for which it stands:
One nation under God, with Life, Liberty & Justice for All.”

This is the cause of the descendants of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and the other signers of the Declaration of Independence. We will no longer allow this truth to be ignored: Humanity was given Life by its Creator, and what God has knit together, let no person tear asunder.

This is the motive force behind a new political movement called Covenantal Libertarianism: Life is the First Inalienable Right of All. Without Life, there can ultimately be no Liberty or Pursuit of Happiness for anyone. All the other political parties have each in their own way denied the Dignity, Freedom & Responsibility inherent in Life. If no one else will do it, we will. Won’t you join us?

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