Let's Get This Party (Re-)Started

(? History Lesson: The Federalists ?)
History Lesson: The Whigs
The issue of slavery
The Kansas Nebraska Act
The Republicans
The issue of progressive statism
The Affordable Care Act
Generational change
The coming of the fourth American Republic
The Fourth Turning
We are due for a party realignment
How does a political party born and how does it die?
It forms around an organizing principle.
Whoever is the most organized wins.
They splinter and fade when their organizing principle encounters something it can’t deal with.
What might a new party look like?
You’re not going to “Detroit” Virginia
Bill of Rights
Tea Party + Libertarians + people of faith
First objective : Convention of States
Term Limits for everyone.
Repealing the 17th amendment
Strengthening the 10th amendment
Reverting the national regime back to a truly federal government