New Black Panther Party Prosecution Pattern

Glenn Reynolds links to Jennifer Rubin’s report on the latest in the New Black Panther Party case.  He comments:

You know, this case is a puzzlement. Perhaps there was fear that a prosecution would open up evidence of wider misconduct that would be more politically damaging than this scandal? Because that’s the only thing that makes sense here.

I disagree.  There are many answers that make sense.  For example, isn’t it much more plausible that Eric Holder and perhaps President Obama himself are sympathetic to the New Black Panther Party and dropped the charges as a reward for the Black Panthers’ support?

When combined with the handling of the Andrew Sullivan case, this establishes a pattern of selective failure to prosecute crimes committed by President Obama’s political allies.  It’s easy to imagine some possible motives for the Justice Department engaging in selective justice:

  1. The charges may have been dismissed in exchange for money or some other favor, possibly something as simple as future political support.
  2. Political allies are likely to be more useful in the future if they aren’t convicted felons.
  3. And finally, dismissing criminal charges shows a specific type of loyalty.  If you wanted to convince some other allies to engage in criminal acts for you, this is a convincing way to show them you’d fix their problems if they got caught.

All of these scenarios make sense.  The nonsense scenarios involve the Justice Department acting honestly in these cases.