Joe Wilson's second big opportunity

The usual left-wing ringleaders are pushing to force Joe Wilson to formally apologize to Congress on the House floor.  This presents Joe Wilson with a tremendous opportunity to make a statement that will be heard across the country.  Here’s my suggestion for how such an apology might be worded:

I’ve come before you today to offer my humble apology for my outburst during the President’s address on Wednesday September 9th.

Regardless of the outright falsehood of statements the President made on that occasion, my comment was out of order.  Speakers in this chamber, especially the President of the United States, deserve to be heard without interruption.

Furthermore, I apologize for my indecorous use of the word “lie”.  In Washington, it has become a matter of protocol to refer to untrue statements as “errors” or to pretend that they are a misunderstanding, even when they are repeated many times over, and even when someone such as the President says one thing to a friendly audience and then makes contradictory statements to the Congress and the American people.

I understand that the time and place to highlight such duplicity and dishonesty is not as the President is speaking.

Please accept my apology.

That’s a first draft of an apology.  It might be useful to try to add a few sections to it in a similar vein — if Democrats get angry and start shouting at Joe Wilson as he’s apologizing, it would be gloriously ironic.

Joe Wilson has the chance to become even more prominent nationally if he uses his media time to lead in this way.