Becoming a PC in GA

On 2/12/2011, I attended the Cobb County GOP Precinct Mass Meetings.  There was a meeting room assigned to each State House District.

The State House District in which I reside contains 5 Cobb precincts.  After the meeting was called to order, the House District Chair asked the representatives from each precinct to sit at a separate table.  Then we caucused.

It was a pleasure meeting the attendees from my home precinct.  They are brilliant, committed fiscal and constitutional conservatives.  We exchanged contact information and agreed to take the hardwiring of this precinct to a new level in 2012.

After discussing the precinct-wide accomplishments during 2010, my neighbors graciously elected me to serve as PC for the next two years.  We also selected a Precinct Secretary and then went to work filling out necessary forms.

Everyone from the group signed up to serve as a delegate to the County GOP Convention (3/12), the GA-6 District GOP Convention (4/16), and the State GOP Convention (5/13-14).  I have been advised that, as a PC, my probability of participating as a delegate in all 3 conventions is 99.9% or better.

Precinct officers, both elected and appointed, are allowed to participate (and vote) at the quarterly County Party Committee meetings.

This is what I know for now.  As my Big Adventure continues, you will be kept informed.