Americans Are Sick of Politics. They Deserve to Be.

As I was making phone calls for our local congressional election today, I was reminded as to why so many people are sick and tired of American politics. We wonder why voter turnout is so low each election, but we shouldn’t.

People are sick and tired of the constant phone calls and mailers. They’re sick of the negative campaigning, the false attacks, and nasty language. They’re sick of Donald Trump making inflammatory comments about women and Muslims. They’re sick of Hillary Clinton lying to the public and trying to cover it up when she’s caught. Most of all, they’re sick of the choices they’re given each election. 

The American people are also discouraged. They’re discouraged by decent politicians leaving office, only because they feel they have no voice in a profession full of frauds. Americans are discouraged by the divisiveness between parties and the lack of teamwork in D.C. They’re discouraged by politicians like Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, and Bernie Sanders endorsing presidential candidates they strongly dislike; only endorsing the presidential candidates for political gain.

Lastly, Americans are scared. They’re scared of politicians continuing the gridlock in Washington. They’re scared their values won’t be fought for by their representatives. They’re scared politicians will continue to be bought. They’re scared our debt will continue to rise, ISIS will remain rampant, and nothing will change in Washington, D.C. (or locally).

I’ve been a political activist for a large chunk of my life, yet I find myself sick of politics for the same reasons. My desire to make a difference is squandered more and more each day by the wickedness of American politics. Good people are being pushed out of both political parties, and American politics as a whole.

We must fight for our values, put our principles above all else, and fight for decency.

We should do better. We can do better. We must do better.