If Wisconsinites Want To Stop Trump, They Must Vote For Cruz

Ted Cruz, over the past five years, has led far-right conservatism in the U.S. Senate. It’s no secret that he’s one of the most conservative and Constitution-based politicians in the United States. For many who aren’t strong conservatives, casting a ballot for Ted Cruz in Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary seems like a bad idea. Despite that, there’s a case for voters from all political opinions to vote for Ted Cruz in Wisconsin, in order to defeat Donald Trump.


Democrats for Cruz?

Although Bernie Sanders is gaining ground, it would be a shock if he beat out Hillary Clinton. In a state like Wisconsin where Bernie is already leading, a vote for Ted Cruz to stop Donald Trump may be more beneficial than a vote on the Democratic side. A vote for Ted Cruz, at the very least, would help stop the frightening prospect of a Trump presidency. In addition, it could help contribute to a potential “brokered convention,” where a more moderate conservative could win the Republican nomination.

Independents for Cruz?

Again, stopping Donald Trump is the main argument here. A Cruz victory in Wisconsin would significantly lessen the chance of a sexist, racist, and narcissist winning the Oval Office. Most of all, stopping Trump could allow a more independent-thinking Republican candidate to win the nomination at the national convention. As independents very well know, America needs more politicians who can work with both sides, and it all has to start with a (fairly) independent president. Helping defeat Trump and leading the Republican Party to a brokered convention could give America a presidential candidate who works with both sides.

Establishment and moderate Republicans for Cruz?

I am personally a John Kasich fan. He’s my favorite candidate of the three Republicans remaining. I would love to vote for him in Wisconsin’s primary. Unfortunately, just like the election so far, the situation in Wisconsin is not ideal. According to the polls, Ted Cruz is narrowly ahead of Donald Trump, with John Kasich pretty far behind. Because of that, a vote for Kasich is a vote for Trump.

A victory for Cruz over Trump in Wisconsin would contribute to the prospect of a brokered convention which, in turn, improves the chance of Kasich winning the nomination. At a brokered convention, there’s a strong chance Kasich (or someone similar to him) would be picked as nominee.

Far-right conservatives for Cruz?

Yes, strong conservatives are already voting for Ted Cruz. As previously stated, Ted Cruz is one of the strongest conservatives in American politics. He has spent his career fighting for conservative ideals and the Constitution; he’s principled and charismatic. Although I think he is slightly too polarizing for the presidency (because of his far-right beliefs), he is a fantastic choice for conservatives.


I usually wouldn’t advocate for someone to vote against their beliefs, but this election isn’t typical. The United States cannot allow Donald Trump to move past the primary. We need to stop him now. In Wisconsin, for people of all political beliefs, voting for Ted Cruz is the best way to defeat him.