A Young Conservative For Hillary? I Sure Hope Not.

I’ve been a conservative activist for eight years, ever since I was 10 years old. I’ve campaigned for some of the most conservative politicians in America. I’ve written blogs for some of the most conservative websites. I’ve spoken at Tea Party rallies, CPAC, and many other conservative conferences. In short, I’m a strong conservative through and through. Yet, a couple days ago, I tweeted that I would consider voting for Hillary Clinton if Donald Trump won the Republican nomination.  

Confused as to why? You shouldn’t be.

First, people need to get the notion out of their heads that Donald Trump is a conservative. He couldn’t be further from it. He’s supported abortion, Planned Parenthood, larger government, higher taxes, single-pay healthcare, and countless Democratic candidates–all stances that Hillary Clinton support. Moreover, Hillary and Donald were close friends until very recently. Despite doing a full 180 degree political flip, he still defends a few of his liberal viewpoints. His lack of conservatism is one of the main reasons I have been a supporter of the “#NeverTrump” movement.

A president is supposed to be, well, presidential. Personally, I do not want our president (or any politician for that matter) to call women “dogs” and “slobs,” all while insulting our veterans, calling his political opponents “p**sies,” disrespecting our former First Ladies, and attacking absolutely anyone who disagrees with him. That is exactly what Donald Trump has done. If Donald Trump can’t be mature with women, veterans, dignitaries, and political opponents from his own country, imagine how he would treat people on an international level. He’s already inappropriately calling for a complete ban on Muslims. With a Trump presidency, we would lose countless allies and generate unneeded international conflicts. Hillary Clinton, despite our disagreements policy-wise, knows how to respect the majority of people. She isn’t completely presidential material, especially compared to the other Republican candidates, but she doesn’t call everyone who disagrees with her nasty names. She knows how to respect foreign nations, which is vital.

The most important reason I would consider voting for Hillary is her consistency. Hillary Clinton would be four more years of President Obama. We would know exactly what we are getting into. I have been one of the most outspoken people against President Obama, but we’ve survived eight years of his policies. I hate to say it, but I think we could last through four more years, if necessary. With Donald Trump as president, we have no idea about what he’d do. Would he act like a conservative, liberal, or something else? Would he insult everyone who disagreed with him like he does on the campaign trail? What conflicts would that stir up? Most importantly, what policies would he implement? Trump says he has “great people with great plans,” but gives no other information about what “plans” he has. We can’t risk a presidency where there are so many unanswered questions.

A lot would have to happen for me to support Hillary, though. First, Donald Trump would have to become the Republican nominee. I will support any of the remaining Republican candidates if they defeat Trump. Second, he would have to last through the Republican National Convention without a brokered convention. Lastly, there would need to be no viable third party/independent candidates worth supporting.

I don’t want to vote for Hillary Clinton in any election and I disagree with her on almost every issue. I think she has conducted some horrible acts and lied to the faces of many Americans. Unfortunately, Donald Trump has done that, but on a much worse level. I do not believe the United States could survive four years of Donald Trump. We could, however, cling on to survival with four years of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is my last-resort candidate–by far. But if the election comes down to a lesser of two evils, with no other viable option, I will (sadly) cast my first presidential election vote for Hillary Clinton. If Republicans/conservatives across the country don’t wake up soon, I know a lot of people will be joining me.



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