School Choice Quietly Becoming Major Topic Without Mainstream Media Coverage


The simple and beneficial idea of school choice has quietly started to become a major topic in state and local governments across the nation.

Not surprisingly, countless school districts are beginning to see the positive results that getting a better education brings, despite not being covered by the mainstream media.

For example, a recent article by the Daily Signal reported that Florida had 7,000 more applicants than spots available for one of their school choice programs. North Carolina had 5,558 applicants for 2,400 seats and Wisconsin had 4,000 students apply for 500 spots.

Along with these great statistics come the overwhelming approval ratings from the overall populationparticularly mothers. Better yet, once school choice is implemented, approval ratings skyrocket from both sides of the political aisle.

In today’s day in age of political gridlock and party politics, it’s hard to find an issue that’s so successful and works with both sides. Fortunately, there is more success and excitement about school choice to cover.

The media won’t cover this either, but many celebrities have jumped on board with school choice as well. Over the past few years, Viola Davis (actress), Greg Jennings (football player), Deion Sanders (Hall of Fame football player), Sam Mitchell (NBA player/coach), Jalen Rose (NBA player/analyst), Pitbull (rapper) and even Matt Damon (actor) have shown support for school choice publically or in their decision making.

Recently, another strong celebrity voice reached out to support school choice. Steven Quezada, an actor from the TV show “Breaking Bad” endorsed charter schools recently at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools conference.

You can see his full speech here:


Most importantly, as stated above, mothers support school choice. In a survey done by the Friedman Foundation last year, 63 percent of mothers supported charter schools, while 66 percent favored school vouchers.

As Walden Ford (a member of the Friedman Foundation) said, “No one knows better than a mom what education works best for their child, and mothers are crying out for more choices across our country.’’

There is no denying that school choice is a winning issue among conservatives and liberals alike, but it’s also important to see how it is succeeding as well. With extraordinary approval ratings from mothers, overwhelming numbers of applicants and better poll figures after implementation, it’s easy to see that school choice is quietly becoming a success without the media coverage.


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