In Kansas, Newt Gingrich is losing to Obama 40% to 45%, according to SurveyUSA. In Kansas.

Poll from SurveyUSA, conducted Nov. 18-21, 2011.

“Sure, it’s early, and yes, a lot will change, but in an preview of the 2012 Presidential election, cell phone voters (those without a home telephone, typically undercounted in opinion polls), vote sufficiently Democrat to keep Mitt Romney to just a single-digit lead over Barack Obama, and, for the moment, cause Obama to defeat Newt Gingrich.

Kansas’ 6 electoral votes will almost certainly stay in the Republican column (John McCain carried the state by 15 points in 2008), but in hypothetical head-to-head match-ups between the two Republican front-runners today, 11/22/11, it’s:

* Romney 48%.
* Obama 39%.

* Obama 45%.
* Gingrich 40%

* Among respondents who use a home phone, Romney leads Obama by 14. But among respondents who do not use a home phone (the cell-phone respondents), Obama leads Romney by 4, an 18-point difference.

* Among respondents who use a home phone, Gingrich leads Obama by 3 points. But among respondents who do not use a home phone, Obama leads Gingrich by 24 points, a 27-point difference.

* Romney has a Minus 9 favorability rating: 25% see him favorably, 34% see him unfavorably.
* Gingrich has a Minus 22 favorability rating: 25% see him favorably, 45% see him unfavorably.”

For more internal information about the poll (breakdown by party, age, gender, etc.), click here to go the the SurveyUSA poll.

H/T Race42012.com.


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