Reader to Johnson County Sun: Benjamin Hodge's conservative voice will bring diversity to liberal school board

I owe this anonymous Johnson County Sun reader a “thank you” for his/her voice of support for my JCCC candidacy.

In the March 16, 2011, version of “Talk Back” (a call-in portion) in The Johnson County Sun, a readers says this:

Trustees are liberal

I’m glad to see conservative Ben Hodge file to run for the JCCC Board of Trustees. There needs to be more diversity at the college. Most of the current board members appear to be liberal Democrats. At least that’s the way they appear when they are televised on the JCCC Board of Trustee meetings.


Connect with Benjamin Hodge at FacebookTwitterLinkedInThe Kansas Progress, and LibertyLinked. Hodge is President of the State and Local Reform Group of Kansas.  He served as one of seven at-large trustees at Johnson County Community College from 2005-’09, a member of the Kansas House from 2007-’08, a delegate to the Kansas Republican Party from 2009-’10, and was founder of the Overland Park Republican Party in 2011.  His public policy record is recognized by Americans for Prosperity, the Kansas Association of Broadcasters,the Kansas Press Association, the Kansas Sunshine Coalition for Open Government, the NRAKansans for Life, and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE).


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