Denver Post's Vincent Carroll: End tax subsidies, tariffs, and blending requirements for ethanol

I wrote last week that Kansas’ Sam Brownback is one of 13 Senators who want to continue the not-supported-by-science federal laws that do two things:  place tariffs on foreign ethanol, and give tax credits to American ethanol producers.

Here is Vincent Carroll at The Denver Post on a separate coalition of 17 Senators:

As it happens, a bipartisan coalition of senators, ranging from Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., to Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., also favors eliminating or reducing that tariff. But they would go further than Udall and eliminate the subsidy for domestic supplies as well, which is up for renewal at year’s end.

As the 17 senators explained in a letter to Senate leadership, “The data overwhelmingly demonstrate that the costs of the current ethanol subsidy and tariff far outweigh the benefits . . . ethanol tax credits cost taxpayers $1.78 for each gallon of gasoline consumption reduced, and $750 for each metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions reduced.”


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