Comparing traffic stats for some of Kansas City's common news sites

Here is a list of some of the news sites that are widely read in the Kansas City area, along with information about how they rank in terms of readership.

I will show the results from one site measurement system, through Alexa.com (owned by Amazon.com).  I will emphasize that you should consider these to be unscientific estimates.

If you’re interested, you can also check out one Quantcast.com.  On Quantcast.com where one sees the label “Quantified” can it be considered scientific (“Quantified” merely means that the news site’s owners have voluntarily installed a tracking code from Quantcast).

For both tracking systems, a #1 is the best rank, and the ranking includes all Web sites around the world (Web sites of all kinds and not limited to the topic of news).

Alexa ranking

  1. DrudgeReport.com                                                 423
  2. TheOnion.com                                                      1,733
  3. KansasCity.com (Kansas City Star)                 3,479
  4. RedState.com                                                       9,417
  5. KMBC.com                                                           36,046
  6. Pitch.com                                                             36,169
  7. Inkkc.com                                                             81,861
  8. Fox4kc.com                                                          82,682
  9. RedCounty.com (all nation-wide sections)   82,984
  10. Watchdog.org (all nation-wide sections)     246,729
  11. KansasCityKansan.com                                 251,540
  12. Kansan.com (Wichita Eagle)                         280,242
  13. Clubforgrowth.org                                            347,475
  14. GardnerEdge.com                                           405,899
  15. TonysKansasCity.com                                    506,827
  16. Cashill.com (Jack Cashill)                             916,965
  17. KCFreePress.com                                        1,032,242
  18. SunPublications.com                                   1,283,439
  19. Wolffiles.blogspot.com (Milton Wolf)         1,719,636
  20. IngramsOnline.com                                      3,031,853
  21. KansasMeadowlark.com                             5,605,025

If you’d like to check the ranking of your favorite site, it’s as easy as typing in the Web address at Alexa.com and hitting “Enter.”


Connect with Benjamin Hodge at FacebookTwitterLinkedInThe Kansas Progress, and LibertyLinked. Hodge is President of the State and Local Reform Group of Kansas.  He served as one of seven at-large trustees at Johnson County Community College from 2005-’09, a member of the Kansas House from 2007-’08, a delegate to the Kansas Republican Party from 2009-’10, and was founder of the Overland Park Republican Party in 2011.  His public policy record is recognized by Americans for Prosperity, the Kansas Association of Broadcasters, the Kansas Press Association, the Kansas Sunshine Coalition for Open Government, the NRAKansans for Life, and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE).


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