When public school teachers re-write history. Ex-Democrat Rep. Gene Rardin deletes post attacking opponent for home schooling her children.

Democratic Representative Gene Rardin, on his way out after losing to Republican Representative-elect Amanda Grosserode, opposes the American dream.  He opposes education.  He opposes the rights reserved for parents to make important decisions about how to raise their children.

Gene Rardin opposes home schooling.  That’s worse than socialism.  That’s communism.

The elections were November 2.  On Monday, November 1, 16th District House member Gene Rardin attacked his opponent in what was perhaps the most thoroughly ineffective manner possible – by criticizing her own decisions as a parent and writing, “My Opponent Homeschools Her Children.”  This criticism is laughable.  But it’s also scary that this un-American man was elected to such an important office.

After receiving national criticism for this – it was picked up by Erick Erickson of RedState,Jamison Faught, the Media Research Center’s Dan Gainor, and The Washington Examiner’s David Freddoso (who wrote, “Nice to see he’s now an “EX'”)  – the comment was removed from Gene Rardin’s Web site.

Below are the screenshots from the now-deleted comments from Gene Rardin, criticizing Amanda Grosserode for choosing to home school her children (If you can’t see them, click here to view them).

Gene Rardin was a student and a teacher in the Shawnee Mission School system, and he chose to send his children to those schools.  That’s his right, but it doesn’t make him any better for it, or any more of an “expert” on education.  I graduated from Shawnee Mission East.  What an embarrassment for the school district that they’re associated with this bigotry from Gene Rardin.


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