Thomas More Law Center's friend of court brief for Arizona's immigration law

The influential Thomas More Law Center can be described as a Catholic version of the ACLU.

From TMLC:

Also joining in the brief were the Society of Americans for National Existence and the Center for Security Policy, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit think tank dealing with matters relating to national security.

The central point of the friend of the court brief is that under our Constitution, “the State of Arizona retains the independent and paramount authority to enact and enforce laws related to illegal immigration, for the purpose of protecting its citizens;” and the executive branch has no authority to prevent Arizona from exercising this sovereign power by its policy of non-enforcement. [Click here to read entire brief]

It is undisputed that Arizona is under assault by illegal immigrants, as evidenced by the federally advised “no-go zones” just miles outside of Arizona’s major metropolitan areas. It is also clear that the federal government refuses to carry out its responsibility to enforce the existing laws aimed at protecting America’s borders from the invasion of illegal immigrants that cross over from Mexico into Arizona and other border states.

Read more at TMLC’s Web site.


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